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Mamoor Jan

Chairman Finance Committee

Malik Dawood Jan

Chairman Orphan Committee



    TOCHI has been created at a time when the diaspora of North Waziristan is in dire need of help. TOCHI has an un-shattered commitment to serve the Dawar community, heal the wounds of the people and measure up on their expectation. TOCHI will never let them down in their struggle to compete in all walks of life.

  • TAHIR DAWAR, General Secretary

    The agony of Waziristani TDP's is a case in hand for the educated working class of the society. All stakeholders have positively contributed in their own capacities for the resettlement & development of NWA. The limitations of the serving officers to contribute should not restrict them to play a positive role in a responsible manner.

  • Afzal Qadir Dawar, Patron

    Our mission is to educate the people & create awareness among them for better future & equal rights so as to enable them to keep pace with the rest of the world. TOCHI intends to extricate the people of Waziristan from darkness towards light. Therefore, I would say Weekh Shai=Education, Yow Shai=mobilization & Zan opezanai=awareness.


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