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Meeting with DG.FDMA

Today on 27/07/2016 another meeting was held with DG FDMA. The meeting was proceeded in a friendly atmosphere. During the meeting the EB TOCHI got the opportunity to meet with UN delegation responsible for coordination between donor agencies.
Points discussed and agreed upon during the meeting:-
1). The issue of de-registration of Issori and Tappi villages was discussed in detail.
2). DG FDMA clarified that the issue of de-registration was decided by higher authorities.
3). The whole decision was made due to some natives exploiting the whole resettlement process.
4). It was now decided that TOCHI will provide on-ground support to FDMA authorities for verifying the data of resettled villages and families. After authentication, DG FDMA promised to immediately order the reimbursement of the stopped funds for the two villages, i.e, Issori and Tappi.
TOCHI welcomed the cooperation of DG FDMA with a vote thanks.



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