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Education is not a preparation for life  but education is a life itself. Education is, in fact, the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world around us. A proverb says, a child without education is like a bird without wings. The attribute of education is the key for every virtue and its absence is the source of every sin. Realizing the prime importance of education in the current scenario in NAW wherein male literacy rate is almost 15% and female literacy rate is 1.1 % which is the lowest as compared to other tribal areas, TOCHI intends to pull up all its resources to focus the education sector in NWA and make it competitive and more productive.

To serve this purpose TOCHI decided to assign the most important but laborious job to the professionals and educationists of the Dawar Community to work on the education sector in NWA with their open hearts so that a free qualitative education and competitive environment may be provided to the children at their door-step.

Functions of the Education Committee

  • The Education Committee is responsible to collect data of all educational institutions operating in NWA, data of total enrollment, data of drop-out children and those who desire to get education but cannot afford to go to school due to inherent poverty.
  • The committee will also work on the reasons of drop-out children from schools and will put recommendation to the Executive Council for its solution.
  • The Committee will segregate the educational institutions locating in the Dawar areas from the total available institutions in NWA along with the comparative percentage of literacy rate. The committee will also put recommendations for the solution of the low literacy and will put proposals to be taken up by the Executive Council with the relevant quarters.
  • Education Committee will coordinate with the Agency Education Office for the enhancement of capacity building of the teachers and importance of education through mass awareness campaign.
  • Education Committee will identify national and international organizations/institutions that intend to help TOCHI in its drive against ignorance and uplift of NWA in the field of education and will submit its monthly report to the Executive Council of TOCHI for further necessary action.
  • The Education Committee will have no power to approach directly to any donor or charity organization without the prior approval of the Executive Council of TOCHI.
  • The professionals and the educationists of TOCHI will hold periodic counselling seminars and workshops for the students of NWA so that they might be guided in the selection of the best fields keeping in view their choices, abilities and resources.
  • The Education Committee will also have close liaison with the Orphan & Child Committee for helping the orphans and the deserving students in this regard.
  • The Education Committee will also hold periodic declamation contests from the TOCHI platform the winners of which will be awarded prizes and financial support if possible.
  • In short, Education Committee will drag out the youths of NWA from the clutches of drug abuse, militancy and other destructive trends and will prepare them, through free and universal access to education, for employment and social development of the society.

 Organizational Structure of the Education Committee

  • The committee will consist of at least five members of the outreach body headed by a Chairman of the committee who will be responsible to carry out the affairs of the committee in the light of the objectives of TOCHI and the functions of the Committee.
  • The number of the members may be increased by the Chairman himself, however, he is required to be prudent and vigilant while choosing members in accordance with the mandate given in the constitution.
  • Each member of the committee will have the same privilege and rights as enshrined in the constitution of the TOCHI.
  • The Chairman will hold a monthly meeting of the committee to evaluate the progress of the committee and will submit a report to the Executive Council for information and further necessary action.
  • The Chairman of the Committee can recommend, in writing, the termination of membership of the committee members recording reasons thereof. However, the Executive Council will consider the recommendations of the Chairman provided they are reasonable, unbiased and free of prejudice. The Executive Council will act in accordance with the procedure of termination of membership as envisioned in the constitution.
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