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TOCHI has a unique organizational structure comprising General body, Executive Council and Outreach body – a body which is the cornerstone upon which the edifice of TOCHI stands. Orphan and Child committee is one of the functional committees of the Outreach Body that will cater for the huge number of orphans of the Dawar community of North Waziristan who live in this mundane world without the shadow and protection of their fathers as well as those deserving children who can compete against their peers in the field of education but they are impoverished enough to afford the inflated expenses of education.

While contemplating the organizational structure of TOCHI based on the needs and requirement of the Dawar people and capacity of the TOCHI members, it was felt to raise a committee that can serve the growing number of orphans in their rehabilitation after military operation against militants and provision of quality education to make them stand on their own feet and lead a honourable life. Apart from the orphanage caused by tribal wars, enmity and suicide of their fathers as a result of poverty, the genocide of the people of Waziristan by the Taliban, attacks of the American unmanned drones and the killings of innocent people in army operations as a collateral damage are the reasons that have turned thousands of children as orphans in North Waziristan in general and Dawar tribe in particular.

Functions of Orphan and Child Committee 

  • The Orphan & Child Committee will collect primary data of the orphans, identification of sources of funds raising and educational institutions where they can be provided free education.
  • The committee will submit the available data to the Executive Council of TOCHI along with suitable and workable recommendations so that it may be processed and given a practical shape thereafter.
  • The Orphan & Child Committee will look after the basic necessities of life such as shelter, food, dress and education to have been provided to the orphans of NWA and to ensure that no child especially orphan remains un-attended.
  • The committee will ensure the provision of free quality education to the deserving children in general and orphans in particulr. The committee will make sure to have 100% enrollment of the orphans and deserving students in the schools.
  • OCC will strive to create a fatherly atmosphere to the orphans so that their sense of deprivation may be averted and saved them from spoil and made them the useful citizen of the society.

Organizational Structure of the Orphan & Child Committee

  • The committee will consist of at least five members of the outreach body headed by a Chairman of the committee who will be responsible to carry out the affairs of the committee in the light of the objectives of TOCHI and the functions of the Committee.
  • The number of the members may be increased by the Chairman himself, however, he is required to be prudent and vigilant while choosing members in accordance with the mandate given in the constitution.
  • Each member of the committee will have the same privilege and rights as enshrined in the constitution of the TOCHI.
  • The Chairman will hold a monthly meeting of the committee to evaluate the progress of the committee and will submit a report to the Executive Council for information and further necessary action.
  • The Chairman of the Committee can recommend, in writing, the termination of membership of the committee members recording reasons thereof. However, the Executive Council will consider the recommendations of the Chairman provided they are reasonable, unbiased and free of prejudice. The Executive Council will act in accordance with the procedure of termination of membership as envisioned in the constitution.
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