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Meeting With TESCO Cheif (2nd)

Meeting of Executive Body TOCHI with the Chief Executive TESCO:

A meeting of EB TOCHI and CE TESCO was held in a very cordial atmosphere. The decisions taken were as under:-
1). A detailed brief of existing situation of power infrastructure and TESCO’s resolve to get NWA electrified and repair all the power related damages of the shattered Waziristan.
2). It was also decided that XEN TESCO NWA, will provide the details of funds provided to TESCO NWA.
3). Furthermore, XEN TESCO will also provide the details of projects completed and ongoing activities of power rehabilitation.
4). XEN TESCO and TOCHI will carry-out an activity of on-ground confirmation of the already completed projects.
5). Rehabilitation of power related issues and electricity infrastructure will be completed by Nov 2016, which though seems unrealistic.
6). XEN TESCO will share Progress and Performance Report of electric rehabilitation with TOCHI.

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