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Before the immigration of the people of North Waziristan to UAE and Saudi Arabia, there was an agrarian economy in NWA. There was no industrialization, no concept of free market economy and other employment opportunities that could cater for the wants and needs of the tribesmen. Agricultural produce and animal husbandary were the only source of livelihood that could provide subsistence to the people in NWA. Nevertheless, the decade of 70s proved to be a turning point in the lives of the tribesmen when UAE and Saudi Arabia opened new venues in their respective countries and allowed Pakistanis to work there. It was here that people turned their backs towards agriculture and animals catering and focused on new businesses on the remittances they would receive from their relatives abroad. Besides, the negligence of the agriculture department, the fear of taliban’s slaughter and the military operation against miltants tremendously affected agriculture production in NWA, among other things. TOCHI felt the need of focusing on the agriculture field to make it productive, thereby decided to establish a vibrant agriculture/NRM committee to work as a driving force for the promotion of agriculture sector in NWA.

As mentioned earlier, Agriculture and veternary fields have been at the lowest ebb, the TOCHI top management decided to establish a full fledge committee of the agranomists to impart viable technical advices to the farmers, use of chemical and biological inputs and provide them agriculture implements so as to multiply the production capacity of the scarce land available in NWA. Besides, the poor people of the community may be helped out in veternary field by providing them necessary technical and financial support.

Functions of the Agriculture/NRM Committee

  • The committee will adopt innovative and strategic planning for exploiting human and natural resources effectively, so that the community becomes prosperous on sustainable basis.
  • The committee will disseminate the recommended agricultural  techniques to the farmers through posters, banners and playcards as well as holding of workshops.
  • The committee will also assess Agriculture / NRM (Natural resource management) Sectors activities in North Waziristan Agency whose report will be submitted to the Executive Council on quarterly basis.
  • The committee will focus on the reclamation and development of culturable waste land so as to bring more land under cultivation.
  • The committee will attempts to Introduce and promote high value cash crops including off-season vegetables so that agriculture production may be brought at par with the local consumption.
  • It will provide free quality seed and fruit plants to the locals and will render advisory services in insect/pest management and horticulture activities, range management and afforestation and development of water harvesting structure.
  • The committee will also identify suitable sites for establishment of Model fruit orchards and fruit and forest nurseries on community land in NWA.
  • The committee will also coordinate with allied departments, political administration and donor’s projects for NRM sector development.


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