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Physical infrastructure provides the basic skeleton of a society. It signifies the grandour and the living standard of the people. If we look at the infrastructure condition in NWA it gives the picture of any primitive society – a society that has no esthetic sense for life.

No doubt, the people in NWA might have low esthetic sense and passion for quality life but what efforts have been made by successive governments in this regard is anybody’s guess. Billions of rupees have been spent on infrastructure but do not worth seeing on the ground. Most of the villages in remote areas have no roads connection. Available roads are all in shabby conditions to drive on. Some areas have single roads but cannot be used for vehicles due to lack of bridges and culverts. Besides, people in NWA crave for drinking water that is a far cry indeed. In short, NWA gives a panorama of a deserted city wherein life seems to have no sign to exist. In this backdrop, TOCHI felt it necessary to create a functional committee of the professional engineers of the Dawar community to find out a viable solution in the light of the available resources in coordination with the local administration and line departments.

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