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Sports & Culture Committee

The amount of national satisfaction and happiness cannot better be judged by any other index than the sports and cultural activities carried out by the community. Sports and cultural activities are internationally recognized tools of keeping the youngsters aloof from unhealthy and destructive activities such as drug abuse, social sins and legal crimes, social and national anxiety, and last but not the least the terrorism, which have rendered our society to the brink of collapse.

To rise to the ocassion in the current critical moment in history, TOCHI took up the responsibility of mental and physical rehabilitation of the youths of North Waziristan and assigned the hurculean task to the Sports and Culture Committee. In fact, the people of Waziristan have been passing through unprecedented mental and psychological stress, therefore, TOCHI felt it necessary to spare the youths from further spoil and engage them in health sports and cultural activities.

Functions of the Committee

  • SCC will initiate a talent-hunt operation for different games in Waziristan to digout the buried and neglected talent of Waziristan.
  • Sports & Culture Committee will work for the revival of traditional games like Kabaddi and other sports activities.
  • The Committee will hold tournaments for different games at agency, regional and national levels and will make all out efforts to promote its players at all levels.
  • The committee will work with governmental and non-governmental bodies to increase the number of play-grounds and stadiums for sports activities and will identify sources for fund raising and other sports materials.
  • The committee will also be responsible to carry out cultural activities like holding of Mushairas, musical events, Naat and Qirrat competitions.
  • The committee will make efforts to revive different historical festivals like Malak Azhdar Mela, Khujarey Nandora and Raising of Haji Sahib’s flag.
  • In fact, SCC will be a tool to present the softer image of Waziristani Society to the civilised world.

Organizational Structure of the Sports & Culture Committee

  • The committee will consist of at least five members of the outreach body headed by a Chairman of the committee who will be responsible to carry out the affairs of the committee in the light of the objectives of TOCHI and the functions of the Committee.
  • The number of the members may be increased by the Chairman himself, however, he is required to be prudent and vigilant while chosing members in accordance with the mandate given in the constitution.
  • Each member of the committee will have the same privilege and rights as enshrined in the constitution of the TOCHI.
  • The Chairman will hold a monthly meeting of the committee to evaluate the progress of the committee and will submit a report to the Executive Council for information and further necessary action.
  • The Chairman of the Committee can recommend, in writting, the termination of membership of the committee members recording reasons thereof. However, the Executive Council will consider the recommendations of the Chairman provided they are reasonable, unbiased and free of prejudice. The Executive Council will act in accordance with the procedure of termination of membership as envisioned in the constitution.



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